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90s Fashion Icons

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90s era is a period where grunge music starts prosper and highly favored by most young people at that time. There are some very famous bands for this grunge music such as creed, foo fighters and nirvana that gives large impact on the fashion world. However, there are several celebrities also wear it as a fashion grunge style as seen in the movie Beverly Hills and make them become 90s fashion icons. In fact, style of 90s fashion is an all time fashion because it can be used in every era even until now.

In the era of 90s, design has a very simple and uncomplicated, however color combination is still a mainstay of 90s fashion. At that time Curt Cobain is popular with his Seattle mohair sweater, this sweater is very simple with a pattern of horizontal lines, after that it is mixed with shirt and jeans and this simple style makes Curt Cobain as grunge 90s fashion icons. After that there is will smith who uses style overalls and print blouse as his mainstay. Even though he is not a grunge musician but this style became very popular among teenagers and a trend setter even Curt Cobain ever wears this style.

After that, there is lead singer Eddie Vedder from pearl jam who becomes 90s fashion icons for grunge. He wears shorts and boots that is paired with a blazer and colored socks and make this style became popular for the other vocalist because of his style that is very unique and quirky, so that it will look very charming when they show onstage. Then, Winona Ryder who became queen of 90s fashion trend setter. Leather jacket that is paired with jeans with t-shirts and her leather shoes is the hallmark of Winona Ryder at the time. This style gives inspiration for grunge lovers in their fashion, so that it becomes very popular for young people who love the grunge style.

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