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Seventies clothing holds a unique special place in American way of life.  Ranging from late 60’s treehugger looks to the eye popping forms of the disco era, 70’s outfits were not designed to be ignored.  The several years of the 1970s began as being a carryover of late ’60s fashion.  The hippie effect was still very present.  Shirts involving tie dye and donned jeans were the look of the morning.  Hip huggers and bell bottom skinny jeans were popular and ended up likely to be customized and furnished by the person wearing them.  Donning patches and utilizing a variety of bleaching and tie up dying techniques was common.  Jean jackets of the day were typically stylized by their owners with a various patches carrying whatever communication the wearer felt similar to sharing.

Young women of the day could be fairly unpredictable in their choice of manner.  The same girl wearing divided and faded jeans may possibly next be seen in “hot pants” together with long knee socks as well as wearing a floral created granny dress, all in addition to very high and clunky hunting heels.  Women were asserting them selves in fashion and it was tough to miss.  The mini skirt used to be alive and well nevertheless “midi” dresses that came to your mid calf region along with ankle length “maxi” dresses ended up also popular, especially in far more formal situations.  You never knew what to prepare for.

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