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1940s Fashion

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1940s fashion 1940s Fashion

Do you want to give something different by getting dress with 1940s fashion? It could be a nice idea to bring the vintage into modern life. If you are bored with modern trends, get dress with vintage idea will be very refreshing. As we saw on the old movies, men and women got dress very neatly at that time. Their dresses are such remarkable and unforgettable. 1940s dresses are unique and the austerity is very visible. For women, the most iconic items are stockings. The shoes are also unique as the rubber was limited at that time. Wooden pumps are very popular during 1940s. The other iconic thing of 1940s fashion is about the hairdo. Have you ever paid attention to the style of 1940s women’s hair? They have kinds of unique hair styles. Some of those styles are known as victory rolls, finger waves and pin curls. And the most popular hair accessories used by women are ribbon and headbands.

1940s fashion trends 1940s Fashion 1940s fashion 1940s Fashion
If you want to get the vintage impression, you should pay attention to this. Because the 1940s fashion trends occurred over decades ago, it is rather hard to find some dresses and accessories which look similar to the fashion of 1940s. You better do searching to find the best stuffs. Find the most representing stuffs such as gloves, headband, earrings, bright lipsticks and many others. You can also find inspiration from 1940s movies. You can decide which style is good for you and which one is not appropriate to be applied. Being different with old fashion is a good idea. However, you should pay attention to the congeniality of the fashion to your body. Do not insist to wear the old fashion which is not appropriate to you. When you think that 1940s fashion is suitable, then go on. if you search for 1940 men’s fashion you could get on my other post.

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